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  • Stop pausing your life during those 5 days, start acting!

    Every woman goes through those five days in a month when she is menstruating. The pain and discomfort put life in limbo for those days.
  • How Men approach the ‘P’ Word?

    Men are, almost always, intrigued about the size of their penis. They are curious and think there is so much that they do not know about their penis.
  • Flush. Pee. Flush. Repeat.

    Public toilets are a woman’s best friend! No seriously. Imagine you are traveling, and you have a really strong urge to pee, you would thank your stars
  • Ever thought what the trash picker thinks when you dispose your used pads in the open

    How many women try to hide and dispose of their sanitary products in a way that can prove to be harmful to the environment?
  • What Men think of when they’re peeing?

    We all have seen the movies & series where a man is too possessive about his loo breaks. They don’t want to be poked or disturbed while they concentrate on whatever is it that they are doing.
  • My way or the highway- the road towards hygiene

    Akin to drinking water, “hygiene” is also one of the most basic needs of human being. I would say an exceptional effort to balance hygiene comes off as hard work in a woman’s life, especially during menstruation.
  • Here's why some people need to pee more frequently than the others

    When I was a 4 or 5, I remember my mother telling me to pee before I left home. She used to say that it would be difficult to find a public restroom and who knows what infections I would be exposed to.
  • Some useful tips for when you're backpacking and need to pee

    You’re out trekking with your friends, scaling heights you never thought your body was capable of until then.
  • Me, My Bff, and PeeBuddy- The Travel Partners

    Long drives aren’t just a thing for big gangs or a New Year’s Eve outing. My best friend and I find a long drive after a hectic week, quite therapeutic.
  • Do you also secretly wish to stand and pee?

    Let's face it, being a woman is tough. You've got to deal with periods, impossible beauty standards, and men who don't understand you.
  • Lose that paunch without moving a muscle

    At one point or the other, almost all of us have had something they would like to change about themselves. Sometimes it’s our skin while other times, it's our hair. Some do not like the way their body is shaped, and when they get stuck on what they want to change, they tend to lack self-esteem.
  • How Sanitary Disposal Bags Can Get You Out Of A Tricky Situation?

    How often have you come across wasted, dirty pads on the roads, dustbins or public toilets? Innumerable times, right? My concern grows higher when I witness the sheer lack of hygiene in disposing of sanitary pads. A shocking number of 78 % women in India are unaware of the basic sanitation and hygiene practices. This is not just a concern for the women but also for the men and children around us.