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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Portable Urination Device

    Sanitation is a concerning topic for the females in our country as many of us don’t have access to clean and safe toilets. While the New Delhi Municipal Corporation is proudly advertising its toilet locator awareness campaign that locates 333 public toilets on Google Maps in the Delhi NCR belt, who amongst us would risk using these public toilets? Let’s admit it, none of them are hygienic. Public restrooms with limited water supply and irregular upkeep are demanding a toilet-hygiene-initiative. With the invent of portable urination devices that help ease the public toilet panic, a new wave of revolution has emerged.
  • Pets are aware that you are PMSing

    Women during those special days of the month experience a mixed feeling of embarrassment and uneasiness sometimes due to the physical discomforts and PMS related cramps. All they expect is a sensitive approach from the people around her, to be loved and comforted. By following a disciplined lifestyle, eating substantially, taking ample rest and most importantly being happy, she can overcome the troubles of menstruation.
  • Menstrual Insomnia: Effective Tips for Having a Sound Sleep during Menstruation

    Research studies reveal that around 70% of the women experience sleep unrest for at least two to three days during their periods. Even if they doze off, they are unable to grab a quality sleep and feel irritated and exhausted throughout the day. A woman may have lack of adequate sleep during PMS due to the various painful and annoying symptoms viz. Bloating, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Backaches, Tenderness of the Breast and restlessness due to a mild increase in the body temperature.
  • Why we love PeeBuddy? And you should too

    Before I begin ranting about WHY I love PeeBuddy, let me paint you a picture (word of caution – it’s not going to be a pretty picture!)
  • How Female Athletes deal with PMS during training

    Women in the field of sports have excelled since the last couple of years and have given a fierce competition to their male counterparts. Today they have been taking active participation in all forms of sports, including cricket, hockey, wrestling, weightlifting, archery and a lot more, which was earlier considered to be male-dominated sports.
  • Do men and women have same pee habits

    Do you think men and women are same? No. As per John Gray, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Both have a different take on relationships. Men are considered more practical while women are considered more emotional. Also, men and women react to stress/pressure differently. Women tend to talk to someone to reduce stress while men cave in. They relax and distance themselves from the problem, reevaluate all the possibilities, and dive in to solve it.
  • Personal Hygiene for Women: At Home and at the workplace

    Hygiene refers to maintaining cleanliness for keeping fit and staying healthy. Maintaining personal hygiene is important for both men and women, as it ensures good health and has several social benefits as well. Personal hygiene is a way of life, which is usually concerned about maintaining cleanliness, following daily good habits and practising a disciplined lifestyle. It helps us to stay protected from diseases by preventing the spread of harmful germs or bacteria around us by following an all comprehensive hygienic approach. Besides this, maintaining good personal hygiene helps in improving your self-esteem and will make you feel better about yourself.
  • 10 Hygiene tips for athletes

    All through high-school, students have been divided into groups. From the nerdy teacher’s pet to the athletic jock, they are all as much a part of the school as the others. Some may think it is easy to be just good at studies but being an athlete is hard work too with an added element of risk involved. It is quite common for athletes at all levels to suffer injuries that may have dire consequences. And if these injuries weren’t enough to deem an athlete unhealthy and keep them on the sidelines, they are highly susceptible to infections and diseases.
  • 10 germ-filled places that we aren’t cleaning

    All the mom’s around chant one thing, like this is the most typical thing among all the mom’s in the world, wash your hands before having your meal, they are the dirtiest of all. In some countries, especially India, there is a ritual of washing your feet after entering the house. This is done because it is believed our feet carry germs and dirt from all over.
  • Making the Public toilets safe and clean- Sanitize and go ahead

    Public toilets are the saviors when we are out and are hit with an urgent need to pee. But the problem with them is that they come with this huge issue of germs and lack of hygiene. Most of the times we have no choice but to use them. So it is best to know of the ways to sanitize them before using to save yourself from bacterial attack. Here are the top two ways to sanitize public toilets.
  • The Public toilets- Using it in the right way

    So you are out travelling or partying with your friends and suddenly you have the unstoppable urge to pee. The only place that you can head to is a public toilet. Now the public toilets come with their own issues of cleanliness and other such problems. Here are the top five things to do if you are going to use the public loos to relieve yourself.
  • Knowing that you have UTI and remedying it in simple steps

    Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one of the most common problems faced by people (and mostly women). The hectic life of the modern times, lack of proper eating schedules and not drinking enough water are the main causes behind the recurring symptoms of UTI. It is important to identify the symptoms in time to make sure that you get the right treatment.