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Sanitary and Diapers Disposal Bag by Sirona 75 Bags - Pee Buddy

Sanitary and Diapers Disposal Bag by Sirona 75 Bags

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Now Bigger & Better! Worried about disposing of your Sanitary & Intimate Products? Made in India, ‘I Love Clean’ by SIRONA are Cute Oxo BioDegradable Disposable Sanitary Bags & are best for Hygienic Disposal of Intimate Care Products (Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Panty Liners, Baby Diapers, Condoms, PeeBuddy) or General products (which need discreet disposal). No More Black Plastic Bags, No More Newspaper. Now use I LOVE CLEAN.

How to Use:

  • Take out I LOVE CLEAN Bag from the box.
  • Insert the product to be disposed of at the open end of the bag.
  • Take off/remove plastic under the flap(for the adhesive to work).
  • Press & paste the flap properly(to protect it from opening).
  • Dispose of (Please don't flush, throw in a bin)

      Disposing your sanitary napkin and other intimate products like condoms, PeeBuddy, tampons etc. carelessly in polybags or newspaper has many implications on the environment. Sirona brings to you disposable sanitary bags, which are oxo-biodegradable as well as tamper-proof. These keep the garbage out of reach of stray animals and help maintain a protective barrier against the spread of disease-causing micro-organisms. This in turn saves the environment and thousands of lives, particularly those of rag-pickers from catching infection. Thus they are the best and most sustainable disposal option for all your intimate hygiene products.


      Sirona ILC Sanitary Disposal bags are very easy to carry and fit conveniently in a purse. They are super discreet and seal the odour inside the bag without the possibility of leakage or tears.

      No More Black Plastic Bags or Newspapers

      Sanitary Disposal Bags solve the problem of finding a newspaper or black plastic poly bags which are super harmful to the environment. Also, it protects the waste pickers from any chances of catching a disease.



      Easy To Carry

      While travelling or staying out of the comfort of home, one thing that bothers women the most is disposing of the sanitary products. I Love Clean Sanitary Disposal Bags come in compact packaging,. Thus you can carry them along with you anywhere and save yourself from the trouble. 




      Sirona’s I Love Clean Sanitary Disposal Bags are made with oxo-biodegradable material, which gets degraded biologically into bits and powdered form. Once decomposed, it doesn’t leave any fragments behind.

      How to Use


      Gently press the top front & back to pop open the Peebuddy funnel.


      Move your panties aside. Place the open end of the funnel between your legs,right under the flow area.


      Tilt the hips, bend a little, ensure the funnel is tilted downwards, relax & pee.


      Dispose off in the dustbin.

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