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Covid Essential Kit - Pee Buddy

Covid Essential Kit

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To cover you from the moment you step out to the moment you step back in:

With corporations reopening and work from office slowly resuming, the country has to move on.
As the virus is still at large, ensure your safety with the right ware to meet the scare.

Gear up with five essentials by PeeBuddy and BodyGuard (Sirona):
• Mask for respiratory protection
• Disinfectant spray for sanitizing door knobs, chairs, car seats etc.
• Toilet seat covers for hygienic use of common toilets,
• Multi use wipes to sanitize your phone, computer
• Hand sanitizer for on the go hand hygiene.

How to Use


Gently press the top front & back to pop open the Peebuddy funnel.


Move your panties aside. Place the open end of the funnel between your legs,right under the flow area.


Tilt the hips, bend a little, ensure the funnel is tilted downwards, relax & pee.


Dispose off in the dustbin.