Bodyguard Natural Anti Mosquito Spray – Set of 3 (100 ml Each)

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Bodyguard is your personal bodyguard to protect you from mosquitoes. Like all good vigilantes we don’t believe in killing and hence we use natural ingredients like citronella oil, Eucalyptus oil & other herbal extracts in our product range to repel the enemy – mosquitoes!
This is Bodyguard’s herbal spray which is a natural insect repellent, it carries a unique blend of essential oils & herbal extracts (with Aloe Vera base) to keep mosquitoes at bay. It contains no harmful chemicals/DEET, is safe for all age groups (including children) and can be used on skin without any fear! Your perfect partner for indoor & outdoor activities is here.

How to use:

Spray it around you (ceiling, corners, bedside) or on clothes or uncovered skin.
For best results: After spray close the room for 10 minutes, open the room & turn ON the fan.”


  • Brand – Bodyguard
  • Type – Natural Anti Mosquito spray
  • Age – 0 months+
  • Quantity – 100 ml

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