BodyGuard Refilling Anti Mosquito Bands – 1 Band + 2 Refills

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The BodyGuard Band is made of silicone and contains Natural Citronella Oil Essence which is effective against Mosquitoes. Efficacy 4 weeks approx. (When used as per storage instruction).

For usage: Insert the refill pellet into the mouth of the smiley face and then slap it on your wristband.

The band when exposed to air, releases fragrance to repel mosquitoes. For maximum product life, it is advised to use the band in mosquito-infested areas & storing it back in air-tight pouches when back in the mosquito-free area to avoid wastage of oil/fragrance. Daily use of 2 hours has been observed to give 20 days of effective Protection/Band.


  • Refilling Natural anti-mosquito band
  • Safe for all age groups, including children
  • DEET free: Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Each refill lasts up to 15 days