PeeBuddy Mother and Child Hygiene Care Kit

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For Mom

  • PeeBuddy - to be able to stand & pee in all unfriendly toilets
  • Feminine Pain Relief Patch – to discreetly fight period pain li>
  • Intimate Wet Wipes – to freshen up on the go
  • Maternity Breast Pads – for the special time of breast feeding

For Baby

  • Mosquito Repellent Patches – to protect your kids against mosquitoes
  • Multi-Use Wet Wipes – to keep your baby clean and fresh
  • I Love Clean Disposal bags – to dispose baby diapers in a clean discreet manner
  • Anti-Pollution Face Mask – to protect your kids against air pollution
PeeBuddy's mother and child hygiene care kit contains unique mother and child hygiene products which come handy to a woman in peculiar situations. It includes PeeBuddy women can stand and pee in all dirty/ unfriendly toilets. Period pain relief patch long lasting herbal patch for freedom from period cramps pain. Say no to pill or spray. Disposal bags for discreet/hygienic disposal of sanitary products (including pads, diapers, etc.). Intimate wipes for keeping intimate areas clean. Multi-use wipes for keeping hand, face, and surface clean. Underarm sweat pads for freedom from underarm sweat and odour.