PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Strips in Funnel - Easiest, Just Pee & See Instant Pregnancy Test - No dropper or container required - 3 Funnels

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  • PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Strips in Funnels.
  • Easiest Pregnancy Test, Just Pee & See.
  • Requires no container, dropper or cassette.
  • Instant Result (Within 90 seconds)
  • Made with bio-degradable paper.
    World's First Integrated Funnel for Testing Pregnancy at home.
    • Made from bio-degradable paper
    • Instant Result (within 90 seconds)
    • Easy to use
    • 99% Accurate
    • No use of plastic containers, droppers or cups
    • Do not use test kit beyond the expiry date
    • Do not store in freezer
    • This highly accurate rapid test is for screening purpose only
        Consult a registered medical practitioner for confirmation
    • Avoid direct sunlight and moisture
    • Contains no infectious material
    • Please remove Silica Gel sachet before using