Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer - Clean your Period Cup Effortlessly - Kills 99% of Germs in 3 Minutes with Steam - 1 Unit

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Take control of your intimate & menstrual hygiene with Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer. It kills up to 99% germs and bacteria in just 3 minutes; leaving your menstrual cup perfectly disinfected and ready to be stored till the next cycle.

Step 1: Pour 5 ml. water in the water holding area of the sterilizer. (Use the cover as a measuring cup)
Step 2: Place your menstrual cup (upside down) over the water holding area and put on the cover
Step 3: Plug-in the sterilizer and push the power button for turning it on. (Check the indicator light)
Step 4: It will steam sterilize for 2-3 minutes, post which power will cut-off automatically
Step 5: Open the cover when it's cooled down.