Sirona Multi-Use Wet Wipes (30 Wipes – 3 Pack)

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Multi Wipes by SIRONA are refreshing Multi-Use Wet Wipes. They are pH Balanced, contains no alcohol and are ideal for multi-use right from Hands, Face to Surfaces, Toys etc. Now you can carry just one type of wet wipes and be tension free in all situations! Simply Peel the front label, pull out the wipe (one by one, as many needed), and re-seal the label after each use to prevent moisture loss.


  • Chlorhexidine-2.00%, Allantion-0.02%, Glycerine-0.50%, Menthol-0.015, Triclosan-0.15%, Perfume- qs::Aqua.


  • Multi-Purpose Wipes, Ideal for both Body (Face/Hands) or Surface

  • Thoroughly cleanses the area

  • Leaves you refreshed

  • Easy to carry, use on the go