Sirona Natural Anti Chafing Rash Cream- 5 Magical Herbs - Help In Soothing Rashes Due To Pads, Heavy Thighs, Chaffing Due To Sports Activities - 25 Gm

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  • NATURAL ALL THE WAY - Ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit extracts, Vegetable squalanedue and Agarwood oil makes the Anti-chafing rash cream totally natural.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO - Paraben, sulphate, Chemical Actives.

  • MADE WITH - No preservatives and 100% Vegetable Source.

  • IDEAL FOR - Rashes and soreness caused due to excessive sweat or rubbing in intimate areas.

  • HELPS PROTECT AGAINST - Rashes due to Sanitary pads | Friction between Heavy thighs | chafing due to Sports activities | Sores due to Cycling saddles, Marathon etc.

  • Sirona anti-chafing rash cream recommended for rashes caused in your intimate. Areas due to menstruation, excessive sweat and rubbing of the skin. Also recommended for athletes (cyclists/runners/ trekkers/ swimmers) and gym enthusiasts. Sirona’s promise. To pamper you with the most exotic elements from mother nature.