Sirona Natural Ultra Soft Superr Pads - 8 Pieces (420mm) for Maternity Flow, Overnight Flow and Extremely Heavy Flow

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Sirona Natural & Ultra-Soft Superr Pads with these ultra-thin, rash-free and biodegradable Snowy White Marvels, gear up to take on super heavy flow post-pregnancy or during travel. Great for you in all circumstances, Superr Pads are also the saviours of the environment!
Bat away issues like: • Maternity Flow • Overnight Flow • Extremely Heavy Flow

These pads are made with nature’s love and comprise Carbon, which is captured from sustainable natural resources like Corn, Sugarcane, Cassava and Straw-bale, and transformed into PLA using hot air non-spinning process. They are thus completely bio-based and biodegradable.

These do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins
• Paraben-free • Toxin-free • Chlorine-free • Cruelty-free • Biodegradable

Problem: Rashes due to lack of soft and nature-friendly pads for very heavy flow or maternity flow.

Solution: Superr Pads being natural, are ultra-soft on your skin & also environmentally responsible.
they are ideal to contain super heavy flow during travel or post-delivery bleeding.

Sirona’s Superr Pads are made with care, keeping in mind the issues women in general & young mothers in particular face. These pads, with their superior design and coverage, contain super heavy flow, and provide utmost CARE, COMFORT and CONFIDENCE.