Sirona Premium Disposable Maternity Breast Pads - 36 Pads ( Pack of 2)

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Now, use Sirona ‘Premium Disposable Breast Pads’ for complete peace of mind during delicate & special period of breast feeding.
DO’s & Dont’s
• Change your breast pads frequently.
• Do not flush the pads down the toilet.
• Keep pads & wrapper away from children.
• If irritation occurs, dicontinue use.
Consult your doctor immediately.

• Smart Design: Patent protected & FDA approved
• Excellent Raw Materials: Fluff pulp (USA) & Non-woven (Japan SAP)


How To Use :
OPEN : Remove the individually packed breast pad from the packaging.
PEEL : Peel of the release paper from the pad.
PLACE : Place the breast pads inside your bra so they are centered on your nipples. If you’re using a cream or ointment for sore nipples, apply it before putting the breast pad in place.