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Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup - Pee Buddy
Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup - Pee Buddy
Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup - Pee Buddy
Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup - Pee Buddy
Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup - Pee Buddy
Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup - Pee Buddy

Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Sirona’s Menstrual Cup is for those who care for own health (cups don’t absorb anything / therefore does not dry out or disrupt your natural pH) & the environment (disposal of sanitary products creates toxic waste). Cups are made of high quality silicone that is widely applied in medical care products such as infant nipples, catheters etc (since it is toxic free, odor free & allergy free) and retains 15ml+ of menstrual blood and is worn internally, like a tampon.
With Sirona’s Menstrual Cup you would always be prepared to take on your periods! Thanks to its design, it is an ideal menstrual aid for all kinds of sports, travelling or common daily use!

How to Use?

  • Wash: Wash your hands & cup well with warm water.
  • Fold & Hold: Press the sides of the cup together, then fold it in half again. Hold the folded sides firmly between your thumb & forefinger.
  • Insert: Relax, gently separate the labia with your free hand & then push the curved edge of the folded cup into the vaginal opening. Cup retains min.5- 15-28ML of menstrual blood. Depending on the flow empty the cup 2-5 times daily.
  • Remove: Wash your hands well with warm water & soap. Pull gently on the stem until you can reach the base of the cup. Pinch the base of the cup to release the seal & continue to pull down to remove. Simply empty the contents into the toilet, wash it well with warm water & re-insert/store safely till next cycle.


  • Economical: Use Up to 12 Hours
  • Healthy: No Rashes
  • Eco-Friendly: No Odour
  • Age: Up to 25 years

Sirona Menstrual Cup is for those who care for their health and the environment. Worn internally, it collects 15ml+ of menstrual blood while maintaining the natural vaginal pH without drying it out. The cup gives you 8-10 hours’ leak-proof protection with the freedom of indulging in sports, travel and other activities. Made of high-quality silicone, it is reusable (up to 10 years) and thus eco-friendly, unlike disposable sanitary products, a lot of which create waste. 

  • Toxin-free 
  • Odour-free  
  • Allergy-free. 



Single Cup Lasts Up To 15 years 

With proper care and cleansing, Sirona’s Re-Usable Menstrual Cup can be used up to 10 years, which can minimize the monthly creation of sanitary waste and even save the environment. In the long term, the cup is also financially a more viable option than pads. 


Amazing Flexibility 

Sirona’s Menstrual Cups are highly flexible to fit you perfectly. Thanks to its design, it is an ideal menstrual aid for swimming, all other kinds of sports, travelling and common daily chores! 


Spill-proof & Leakage Proof 

Made with 100% medical-grade liquid silicone, the cups are highly flexible to fit perfectly and collect blood without spillage. The rim of the cup creates a vacuum seal around your vaginal walls, ensuring reliable, leak-free protection. 


Good for the environment! 

On average, a woman uses approximately ~11,000 pads during her lifetime, which end up in the landfills, creating toxic waste. Moreover, each of these pads takes almost 500-800 years to decompose. This cup saves the environment by minimising sanitary waste.   


No Odour & Infection  

Say no to odour with Sirona's easy-to-use menstrual cup. Made with medical-grade silicone, the cups do not release any odour like other sanitary products, hence saving you from the embarrassment. Also, it doesn't absorb the blood, but collects it, diminishing any chances of infections. 

How to Use


Gently press the top front & back to pop open the Peebuddy funnel.


Move your panties aside. Place the open end of the funnel between your legs,right under the flow area.


Tilt the hips, bend a little, ensure the funnel is tilted downwards, relax & pee.


Dispose off in the dustbin.

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