Say no to unhygienic toilets

Peebuddy is a portable female urination device that makes urinating at public places easier for girls.
Now, you can pee without wiping the dirty toilet seat, without hovering over it & even without
catching life-long infections like Urinary tract infection.
Now, don’t bother about the dirty toilet or hold your pee! Carry your saviour in the pocket.

  • Say no to wiping the toilet seat: Ladies sometimes wipe the filthy seats for the sake of using it, which consequently brings them in direct touch with the seat & therefore germs.
  • Say no to hovering/ semi-squats: It is not a good position for your pelvic muscles. Study has shown that the bladder becomes weak over a period of time.
  • Say no to holding pee: It could be a cause of kidney stones & promotes the growth of infection in the uterus.


Women say they don’t use dirty toilets. They hold their pee until they don’t find a clean washroom.

1 out of 2

Women has some or the other UTI related issues.

1 Million +

Active germs per square inch on public washroom toilets & 40,000 active germs on toilet handle. Now, avoid all of them all by not getting in direct touch.

How to Use

We understand the complications women have and that’s why we made
it super easy to use Peebuddy


Gently press the top front & back to pop open the Peebuddy funnel.


Move your panties aside. Place the open end of the funnel between your legs,right under the flow area.


Tilt the hips, bend a little, ensure the funnel is tilted downwards, relax & pee.


Dispose off in the dustbin.

Lives impacted because of peebuddy

Some of the videos of women who were brave enough to speak up about their problems they were
facing & how Peebuddy changed their lives forever.

Ideal For



& Outdoors

& Metro


Women with

Recommended by Doctors

Can be Females best friend.

Would Like to share a good news that “Pee Buddy” introduction in Indian market has come out in a big way to help prevent urinary tract infection in women at all ages from teenagers to postmenopausal women.

Kindly make the product available.

Pee Buddy is revolutionary Product for future.

Pee Buddy is a good product. Easy to use & Hygienic as well, more so for women who need to travel a lot & are facing the problem of hygenic washroom at public paces. Also very usefulfor elderly females, with joint / Bone problems. So in short an good idea/concept for who really need it.

The Pee Buddy is a good product for women who travel and for elderly women with joint replacement surgeries. It is hygienic and comfortable to use and will help in keeping infection at bay!!

Pee Buddy good innovation for women. Excellent product.

PEE BUDDY is a new good brand for initially hygiene & infection free environment for all females specially working women. I advocate it for all my patients as their life will become more comfortable when using public toilets especially in trains, railway stations as here the hygiene status is very poor.Thanks Pee Buddy for being every women best Buddy.