SIRONA Ultra-Thin Premium Panty Liners (Regular Flow) – 30 Counts - Large

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No more uneasy wet feeling
For urinary incontinence • White discharge • Low flow days during menstruation
Why Sirona's panty liner?
• Thinnest panty liner for fresh, comfortable protection
• Quilted construction for quick absorption
• Wider pad for extra leakage control
• Adhesive strip for a firmer hold
• Shaped to fit your panties perfectly
• Cottony softcover

Pad Structure:
> Non-woven
> Air-laid paper
> Waterproof PE bottom film
> Release paper
> Individual PE wrapper film

How to use :

1. Peel off the adhesive strip behind
the panty liner
2. Paste it on inside of the panty
3. Change as required
• Soft & breathable surface
• Antibacterial properties
• Multilayer absorption
• Ultra-thin
• 8 hours protection